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Hubbard Iron Doors sells quality award-winning iron doors, hand rails, driveway gates and wine cellar doors. We have been providing quality craftmanship for 25 years and have 1 giant showroom in California with more than $5 million of iron doors in stock.

Hubbard Iron Doors are built to last a lifetime with proper care, and will offer beauty and security throughout. Few homeowners realize that their entrance doors need maintenance and cared for, they are just doors. These doors aren’t just any doors, as any owner will tell you, but they do still need care to retain its beauty and functionality.

Hubbard iron doors not only offer you a decorative option for your home, but also offer other benefits as well. When you choose Hubbard iron doors for your home, you will know that you are increasing the value of your home because it is more secure. Even if you are not currently planning to sell your home, the addition of Hubbard iron doors is certainly a sound investment to consider.

When choosing your iron doors, you can decide the size, shape, color, and finish of your door. This amounts to a lot of customization, which means that you can get just about any kind of door you need to suite the style of your house. Hubbard iron doors are built to last, and they make a wonderful addition to any home regardless of climate.

All Hubbard iron doors come with a ten-year warranty and are made with heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel. They will last for years while providing your home's entryway with a touch of elegance.

Hubbard Iron Doors Inc. warrants its product to be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of TEN (10) Years from the date of sale to the user and will repair or replace any defective product or parts at Hubbard Iron Doors Inc. sole discretion.

This warranty excludes installation, glass, weather stripping, finish weathering and threshold. Hubbard Iron Doors Inc. Paint finishes which will naturally age relative to exposure to the elements. In time the finish may rub off in places due to the frequency of use. Hubbard Iron Doors Inc. does not consider this to be a defect, but rather a natural process which can not be avoided, and over time enhances the naturally aging appearance of the metal. Hubbard Iron Doors Inc. iron components are hand crafted. Some custom designs may require that a slight modification be made to preserve the strength Hubbard Iron Doors Inc. therefore reserves the right to make minor design adjustments to retain the strength for each individual design.

- All our doors are made from 14 guage steel and come pre-hung with the jamb and decorative hinges.
- Builders will need to frame out the rough opening 1" wider and 1" higher than the actual door jamb.
- Stock doors come with 5" wide x 1 1/2" thick jamb.
- A 6", 7", 8 or 9" jamb is available on special orders.
- When ordering a custom door, you will need to provide the rough opening size.
- Specify an inward or outward swing. Hinged left or right from outside looking in.
- Standard gap under doors is 1 3/4" for a threshold. Our doors are bored with holes 2 1/8" x 2 3/8" setback for standard door hardware. Special boring must be done by installer.
- If no color is specified, all doors will be painted our standard bronze (black base with a gold and copper faux finish).
- Autocad drawings are available upon request.

Available Colors

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